Collection: Loose Brow Powders

Your brows shape your face and add expression to your eyes. Skull Sugar Cosmetics mineral powders can be used to fill in eyebrows.

Brow powders are ideal for filling in brows to enhance and darken the natural brow compared to an eyebrow pencil that can at times make the brows look thick and fake if not applied properly. The look can easily be achieved
1. Select a brow color that is a shade or two lighter than your hair.
2. Use an angled brow brush with either soft or stiff bristles and dip into the mineral brow color.
3. If you are using a soft bristle use your lid to press the color into the brush and tap off any extra powder.
4. Apply by following the natural shape with light strokes starting with the thicker part of your brows and then adding color to the thinner parts of your brow.

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